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Free Today

by Albertine Sarges

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Albertine Sarges' new single - Free Today - taken from her debut album The Sticky Fingers, out on Moshi Moshi Records on 27th November.

Described by Albertine Sarges as a “one-take-recording in every sense” Free Today is liberated mu-sic for liberated souls. The opening track of her forthcoming debut album, it opens with a paragraph from feminist thinker Sara Ahmed and progresses to freeform danceable pop, alive with improvisa-tion and invention.


“When we are away, we can and do learn new words, new concepts,
new angles. We encounter new authors who spark moments of revelation. But
feminist theory does not start there. Feminist theory might even be what gets
you there.
Within the academy, the word theory has a lot of capital. I have always been
interested in how the word theory itself is distributed; how some materials are
understood as theory and not others.”
(Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life, Duke University Press, 2017, p.8)

You’re free today
All the winds will carry you a good way
You’re free today
And all your good will will be shown
You’re free today
You don’t have to tell jokes that you can’t tell anyway
cause you’re free today
And I can see your good will

And you don’t shake hands
with hands from the other side
No you don’t shake hands
if the hands are not just right
And you don’t shake hands
If the good is not in sight (what ever!!!) (stumbled over the words)
And you don’t shake hands
if the hands are not just right

Rosa: ok lets keep going, common
So get out to the lake
Rosa: yessss!
it’s your last swim in 2018
an autumn swim
and you take off your shoes
Rosa: that’s right!
Lisa: kick them!
Rosa: yes!
And you let your trousers slip down your ankles
Lisa: Alright! Okay!
Rosa: U-huh!
You take off your bra! Let them hang!
Lisa: Yeaaaaah
Rosa: They’re hangin I can feel em!
And you glide into the water like a venus in oblivion
Lisa: Aaaahh! So nice!

You’re free today
You don’t sign any contract that you don’t agree to
Rosa: No! No, I will not!
Lisa: You won’t, we won’t!
You’re free today
Lisa: Yesss!
You don’t smile if you don’t want to
Rosa: Yes!
Lisa: You’re free today.
Cause You’re free today
Lisa: Yeah. You’re free today.
Rosa: Yah!
And you don’t dance any dance
that you won’t dance anyway
Rosa: Yes, sister!
Lisa: Yeah, don’t dance any dance!
Cause you’re free today
Rosa: That’s right!
Relax you’re face
Rosa: Aawwww yesssss
You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to
Lisa: Yesss. You’re free today!

And you don’t shake hands
with the people that you don’t like
And you don’t shake hands
If the good ones are out of sight
No you don’t shake hands
If the hands are not just right
the real hands, the hands that I love!!!
And you don’t shake hands
if the hands are not just right


released August 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Albertine Sarges Berlin, Germany

After numerous collaborative projects, including Holly Herndon and Itaca, Albertine brings together a new band, the titular Sticky Fingers for their debut LP. Albertine grew up in Kreuzberg during the fall of the Berlin Wall and records in nearby Neukölln - but from there its branches shoot out to take in feminist theory, musings on bisexuality, gender ste-reotypes, depression and mental health. ... more

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