by Albertine Sarges

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released May 7, 2013

All lyrics and music by Albertine Sarges. Cover and artist foto by Sarah Pedde. Reflection recorded by Primo Budassis. The Cat recorded by Joe Uebelgünn. You and Me Perfectly Fine and Grauwind recording and backing vocals by Joe Uebelgünn. The voices of Jacques and Lydia Sarges on Exercise. Mehmet Atesci and Myriam Musolff on our after school jam Understand Me. Tuscan bees humming at the end of Hollyhock.



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Albertine Sarges Berlin, Germany

She lives, loves and suffers in Berlin. On this page you can listen to her music and donate with pay pal. Her latest home recorded EP was released on instant soup in July 17.

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Track Name: Reflection
in the morning she comes in the evening she goes taking my heart and leaving me alone. she sang with the devil and she sang with my angel and she never gives up hope there is no day passing that i don't fall in love with her and i won't feel any fear the day i die i'll whisper her name with her fair reflection in my tear she knows how to live and she knows how to give and she fills my heart with joy in my midnight dreaming she appears like a fairy blowing the beauty of her’s into my thinking chorus i cannot live with her i can’t live without her cause she leaves me losing tears i’ll go to the river and tell it my story as the water reminds of her thoughtful eyes
Track Name: Grauwind
durch die graue wand hör ich noch die stadt würd' am liebsten nächtelang dem rauschen lauschen denn ich werd nicht satt. in diesem kalten land halt den wind gut fest damit er nicht verweht ich würd am liebsten ewig hör'n wie seine rauhen schwingen klingen dass kein baum mehr steht weißt du noch der herbst kam und wir lachten berge jetzt fühl'n wir uns wie zwerge weißt du denn, ich seh den regen und weine meere ein traum aus rauch und glas zersprang 100 jahrelang schwarz erscheint mit heute unser licht und ich sehe dein gesicht verdunkelt in glatte schatten eingehüllt die hand gibst du mir kühl und fern früher mocht' ich sie so gern doch heute scheute ich vor ihr
Track Name: Hollyhock
little ones should learn to fly the wolf comes by and threatens every one to death and leaves a mess and eats the rest lovers should be careful tongue-yous fall like blossoms out of sky blue trees those trees like fishes in the sea embracing me enhancing me oh no i don't want to fall out of this tree i climbed so long my fists still small but strong up in the tree my steel blue knee tells the story of beginning *knee solo* i'll be the tongue-you out of nowhere being sticked into your mouth it is well shaped and nice ordered and clean and like the park where we first met i'll wave and shake and I will regret I didn't mean to be the chicken up the tree i meant to be the hollyhock, the peacock or the sneaking cat i'll take your rest and make it mine what's left of you is fine enough to make me cry and the lolly pop up in the tree belongs to me a little bee more black than yellow lost in the height of you and your light
Track Name: Rotary
only hours later by had no clue where i should put my hands on to but onto you put me in a cocoon and later on let me roll out of the strips too fast too furious and now i don't know my medium anymore see me as a rotary would you spin with me roundabout the cirlcle town no tricks no tricks and a crown for the beauty of the century and ofgermany and if you want to go play football just go and play football i like your way anynway
Track Name: The Cat
the cat where's the cat the cat is in my bed i'm lying on it the're birds in my head but they won't fly bees under my feet but i can't run away the hat where's the hat the hat is on my bed i'm hiding under it the dog eats the dog in it's doggy style and i just smile
Track Name: Good Night Good Morning
wake up my sentimental friend i came to see your face again i don't care if it's right or not i did the start i cannot stop beware of what's flashing in her eyes there is a lust she can't disguise there is a pain deep in my brain deep in my heart this is not smart this is just hard good night good morning i overheard the warning we had fun in the treehouse the secret you and me house and it's me and it's me it's not you who's the fool who's the fool safety in your arms yes indeed i fall asleep in yellow tree you make me swoon it's morning soon me humming bee in your cocoon forgot my name don't know the date but it's sweet love that gives me weight so anyway it's getting late take out the grave reality you're loving her and never me. good night good morning. i overheard the warning we had fun in the treehouse the secret you and me house and it's me and it's me it's not you who's the fool who's the fool
Track Name: Bristol
bristol is a nice city is a nice place where you can let yourself free bristol is the city of my dreams is the city of my dreams bristol the love shines brighter the sun is warmer in the city of my dreams bristol the water's clearer the sky is nearer in the city of my dreams bristol the firemen's are much more red and the pulse is not bad and the people are in bed when it's night bristol my heart is bigger my legs are fitter in bristol my heart is bigger your legs are fitter in the city of my dreams mmmm bristol i've never seen you but you're like crystal in morning sun bristol i don't now nothing about your history but i'm with you bristol won't you join me we're going to a party and kiss all night
Track Name: Cocoon
baby hold me in your cocoon my head will blow with the wind soon i have seen something bad in my dream tonight i have seen i'm a kid with bound arms and blue eyes baby i don't have relations to my body i have seen something bad in my dream tonight i have seen i'm in love with bound arms and blue eyes
Track Name: Horse
in the middle of the day he has something to say and nothing is as worthy as this little break he shouts out loud his name as if it was a game a game to win and lose and the other people chose tell me what is a horse like it rambles through the dark and never gets lost in the park and falls away it gallops through the park and never gets lost in the park and fades away
Track Name: Exercise
in town the lamb it is not strange to say we are we are the damned we fade away it is not easy in this clay that is on the road to ruin all our time we're in a place that is bright that is bright but we wake up in the night by the time my love has come i'll be there by the time my love does stay i'll stay here by the time my love is true then i will be true by the time we never make mistakes stop this phantom pain those looping doubts are out of use and wrong god gorgeous town without a thought you'll drown your virgins lost in paradise i lost you in great experience lost you in quick exercisexercisexerciseexerciseex
Track Name: Understand Me
understand me right i just want to dance i will go tonight and i'll call my friends and there we will swing the hip and sing the hit hh we will turn around and burn the town yeah i just want to dance i just want to dance i just want to dance
Track Name: Your Feet
does it scare you that the sky is so high that you never would reach the ending does it scare you that there are milions of moments that you would never be spending but how sad would the bird be if it couldn't sing clap your hands, let the sun run though your veins let the oxygen stream does your heart beat better when i touch your feet does it itch does it scratch don't you scare me does it feel alright when i hold your hand there is no way to disguise this coming cold in your black eyes i can promise that i will not give up everything what always have been trying i eat i love i create everything, that is worth dying and i cry for your beauty, when it's quiet and still i sang my songs just for you and i always will can you hear me now that you're far away do you cry do you smile give me a sign which way do you look now that you are gone are you black are you white can i meet you in the night ahh ahh ahh ahh you look like your mother yes i am her girl her and your girl your girl
Track Name: Cilantro
hi i'm creepy p i've got the sadness in my knee i've got the youth back in my pack isolitude is what i jump for with my pumpkin feet my clothes are neat but ever thin pardon my weird accent and my wanderer's skin cilantro cilantro on the windowsill you're weeping still in the snowflakes of taste and destiny i'd love to be seen as fresh and green and never mean i'd love to have this very accurate taste so unmistakable i'm out of town when i'm in thoughts when i'm in thoughts i'm never right right ambitious to break off the old and start again the fine cilantro cilantro where are you coming from there is a peace in your leaves that is unknown to my mind cilantro cilantro can you bring me home there is a chance in your dance that tells me i am blind
Track Name: You & Me Perfectly Fine
i close my eyes and open them all the while i'm sleeping there's something that is keeping me awake you breath so hard and wind blows through the trees carelessly weeping the quiet seems ridiculously faked what is joy mhm what is joy mhm how can someone ever feel perfectly fine what is left mhm what is left mhm that makes us feel uncomfortable and fill the burning holes in our lost souls with bitter wine mhm i have been told some stories yet that never have been written and still i'm just a kitten in your untrue hands your hands are strong and beautiful i can see what they did and finally they split my little wishes and demands chorus you look at me with eyes so empty when you awake i mean what shall i say guess that's the way things are going lately my little beloved song bird in the backyard drops it's voice is whispering tales of redeemed failures and future days chorus
Track Name: Story About Being Free
i just didn't think that's all I was the one telling stories about being free about having a beautiful smile and about having everything you like and dream the dreams you had and dream the dreams you like and I had you and I had you and that was, what made me secure all that you do all that you do Is what makes me feel self secure like the wind breeze going through my hair come again i just need you so badly see my back as it falls softly into the ground and i don't see anything around being beautiful as you were